Monday, 28 September 2015

As The Flashing Lights Came Towards Me

As the flashing lights came towards me I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder I turn around but no one is there.Turning back around I saw a alien!All though I did not scream I was still scared but the loud noise of a zipper caught my attention.As the suit came down there stood a human that looked like me but taller.As I backed up she said don't be afraid i'm well you.HUH?I said to myself.But the flashing lights I said.Time machine she/I replied.DID I MAKE TIME TRAVEL!!??


  1. Great job on your writing. Try to add commas so that people don't run out of breath. Also, put capitals in the correct place. I really like your spelling, it's really good. Did you know that you have to travel faster then the speed of light to time travel?

  2. Hi Katelyn,you did a great job making the moment show up in my head but try to work on staying in the moment.Nice job.