Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Red Wagon

As I came home from school I sat down and heard hi.I then stood up and went to my dad's shop and I found a little red wagon he was making I have wanted one of these for ever . I asked who he was making it for and he said a little girl on our street .With disappointment I went to my room ,I then fell asleep. I woke up in the morning with my dad yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh yeah I thought, it's my birthday !My dad lifted something red it's the wagon! The first thing I did was got out of bed said thanks and ran down the stairs and out the door with the wagon.But then I did not notice my shoe is untied! I fell into the wagon down a hill I can't slow down and I hit two little boys and well they were hanging on there is a tree I close my eyes,  and all of a sudden I am in my room. It was a dream! 


  1. Good job on the writing. Remember to put a spaces in some of the sentences. But besides that, great job.

  2. Great job K. Remember to put spaces after a few of your sentences. But besides that, great job.