Monday, 7 December 2015

With a Thump Down the Chimney he Came

With a thump down the chimney he came and silence filled the room, all of a sudden I heard reindeers prancing on the roof. Then I quickly ran down stairs and I saw Santa eating cookies!He saw me and quickly took his bag of toys and vanished.But I noticed he left something behind it was a little white bag I picked it up but then my knotty dog Jake stole the bag right from my hands. All of a sudden I heard a bang, I looked out the window and saw Santa’s sleigh on the ground. I ran out and asked what is wrong and Santa said he ran out of fuel and he can’t find his bag that has all his fuel in it. So I ran back inside and grabbed the bag.I ran back outside and asked is this what you are looking for?HO HO HO Santa said why as a matter of a fact it is thank you he said .Well I should go now he said you should get back inside before your toes freeze off he said in a merry chuckle. Goodbye I said, goodbye he said. But don’t ever forget how you saved Christmas Santa said well his reindeers lifted off into the foggy distance. -----------------------------------------------------THE END---------------------------------------------------------

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  1. Hi Katelyn. I liked your story, but I think you should add a little more detail like what is the time, what is happening around you. but other then that, it was great.